Family Trustees

I believe that where there are two brothers, two sisters or husband and wife and they become trustees they should only be allowed one vote between them, they will never vote against each other and this is where problems occur.

Firstly i know what the Rules state – but it needs to be amended.

A BC with 5 trustees – a chairlady who has lived in the building for 30 years, a husband and wife both trustees and two other trustees.

The chairlady has know the married couple for 30 years as well – she and the husband and wife form a quorom for trustees’ meetings – what they have done recently is have a meeting without inviting the other two!!!  why ? they had a quorum anyway is the answer.

When there is a meeting of all 5 trustees it is always 3 to 2 so they get what they want.  They even gave the managing agent notice at of their meetings. so bad news for boards of trustees that have family members as trustees.

Another case there was a set of twins, they played the rules to their benefit. out of 6 trustees they promised two of them that they would make them Caretakers @ R3500 pm, whilst they waiting to get a contract they voted with the twins, now they have been appointed they still of course vote with the twins!

Out of 6 trustees four of them have a meeting, one brother is on Skype, the other is the chairman, the other two are the Caretakers to be.  they had a quorom so they appointed the two trustees – just imagine this. How could the two trustees that were going to be employed by the BC vote at this meeting?  Nothing in the Rules to stop it so they do as they wish with the majority of votes amongst the trustees.

I would like to see an amendment giving two trustees from one unit ONE vote at Trustees’ meetings.





I did not like Anton’s articles in the AGENT magazine this month! it was on Special Levies and it was a load of rubbish.

He states that Special Levies may NOT be imposed for Maintenance!  time for him to think outside the box as he does not fully understand the workings of ST .  

He states the special levies are for emergencies only! again what a load of tripe, to put it mildly.

Special levies these days are used to keep the monthly levies reasonable and the once off special levy does this – no one can sell a unit with a high levy they will always buy a unit with a lower levy, always.

Planning major maintenance for say in 3 years time will increase monthly levies tremendously and make the unit unsaleable for this period – whilst getting quotes for the work and imposing a special levy is the norm today.

He needs to attend a few trustees meetings before he writes nonsense like this.